Voice Therapy

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Prior to starting therapy, a detailed voice evaluation is conducted with a speech pathologist in order to develop therapy goals that are specific to the patient. Based on results of the evaluation, voice therapy may include:

  • Education on how to take care of the voice and avoid misuse
  • Breath support/control techniques
  • Vocal exercises targeting specific abnormalities observed during videostroboscopy and/ or voice evaluation.

Who would benefit from voice therapy?

A speaker whose vocal quality, pitch, or loudness gains more attention than the speaker’s message itself may benefit from voice therapy. Treatment is also appropriate if a person experiences frequent discomfort or pain when speaking or singing.

Where do I go for therapy?

Therapy is offered in our Columbia and Glen Burnie offices.

How long is therapy?

  • Therapy is once a week for 4-6 consecutive weeks.(Please note: If you miss your therapy for more than one week – you will have to start over from week one)
  • Each session lasts 45-60 minutes.
  • Completing a daily home program of exercises is required to achieve maximal gains. This takes 15-20 minutes per day.

What is a speech pathologist?

A speech pathologist is a licensed healthcare professional who evaluates and treats disorders of speech, language, voice, and/or swallowing. ENTAA Care’s speech pathologists are licensed by the state of Maryland and have earned a certificate of Clinical Competency from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA).

What Speech Pathology Services are provided at ENTAA Care?

Speech Pathology services provided currently include:

Will health insurance cover services provided by a speech pathologist?

Many speech pathologists participate in health care plans. Patients are encouraged to review their insurance plan and contract their insurance provider to understand their plans benefits. ENTAA Care staff will gladly assist with verification of benefits as needed.