Parotidectomy or Surgery for a Neck Mass

1. Appointment: Your physician will adivse yo when to schedule your follow up appointment after your surgery. The physician may want to see you in the office the day after surgery if a drain was used. Sutures are usually removed 6-10 days after surgery.

2. Activity: We enourage rest and quiet activities for the first few days after surgery. Your physician will advise you when you can return to work. You may shower or bathe but please keep the wound dry. Avoid lifting over 10 pounds or other strenuous activity for 10 days after surgery.

3. Medication: A prescription for pain medication may be given. Please take as directed. If you do not need the prescribed medication and want to take an over-the-counter medication, you may use over-the-counter acetaminophen (Tylenol) as needed, do not exceed 4000 mg per day, total. Use of ibuprofen may be allowed, please ask your physician before use.

4. Diet: There are no dietary restrictions after your surgery. However, you may start with liquids and soft foods before progressing to your regular diet. If you are experiencing any facial weakness, you should place your food on the unaffected side of your mouth. Manually remove food from the affected side of the mouth. Rinse oral cavity after meals.

5. Temperature: If temperature is over 101 degrees orally, please call the office.

6. Surgical Incision: Please report to the physician any redness, swelling, or heat at the incision site. You may have som drainage from the incision. You may clean the surgical incision with Hydrogen Peroxide using a Q-tip every 12 hours. You may remove the dressing after 48 hours, you may shower normally and wet the area after 3 days. Avoid soaking the area or vigorous scrubbing or rubbing, pat dry. After you have cleaned the suture line, please apply Bacitracin ointment. Please report any changes in the amount or consistency of the drainage.

7. Additional Information: You can expect some facial weakness or numbness around the ear after your surgery. Please report to your physician complete inability to close your eye. Please avoid extreme hot or cold. Avoid the use of a hairdryer. Use only an electric razor.