Allergy Testing

Allergy Skin Testing Instructions

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Using a thorough medical history, physical examination and allergy testing, the Allergists in our practice evaluate the causes of nasal and sinus symptoms, asthma and chronic cough, and the skin conditions eczema and hives.

Our Allergists are physicians certified as specialists in either Internal Medicine or Pediatrics who have the additional training, expertise and certification in Allergy and Clinical Immunology to allow a proper evaluation of a variety of allergic sensitivities.

Allergy Testing

  • POLLEN: Symptoms can occur seasonally due to inhalation of tree, grass or weed pollen. These commonly occur in spring, summer and early fall.
  • MOLD: Spores from fungus (mold, mildew) can cause the same problems as pollen allergy. Mold spores are found outdoors throughout most of the year, but mainly in warmer seasons. Indoor fungus may come from sources hidden in the heating and cooling system, carpeting and furnishings of homes and commercial buildings at any time of year.
  • DUST MITES: These microscopic animals live in bedding, carpets and upholstered furniture and are important causes of asthma and chronic nasal and sinus allergy symptoms.
  • ANIMALS: Household pets (cats, dogs, rabbits, rodents), horses and insects such as cockroaches can be sources of potent substances that can cause or aggravate allergy problems.
  • FOOD: Adverse reactions to food are significant causes of illness, particularly in infants and children. A careful history and properly interpreted tests are necessary to distinguish between immune (allergic) reactions and other kinds of intolerance and to guide correct management advice.
  • DRUGS: Some drug reactions are allergic, while others are side effects, toxicity or other non-allergic reactions. The details of the history are most important and formal testing is not often needed.