Allergy Benefit Verification

It is the responsibility of the patient and/or parent/legal guardian to contact your insurance company to verify benefits and coverage for allergy serum and injections. There is a fee for obtaining and preparing the serum and another for giving the injections. Cluster build-up immunotherapy will also involve an office visit fee. Your insurance company will determine how much of the fees they will cover; coverage can vary widely between companies and between specific plans. We strongly advise that you contact your insurance company to obtain this information before deciding on whether to undergo immunotherapy.

The following listed codes are to give to your insurance company to verify coverage and to check your deductibles and/or copay amounts. You are responsible to pay for any deductibles and/or copayments before you receive your allergy injection.

    • Allergy Serum 95165
    • Allergy Injection (1 shot) 95115
    • Allergy Injection (2 shots) 95117

Once you have decided to proceed with allergy injections, you will need to contact our office at (410)760-8840 and speak with the allergy nurse at the location where you will receive your injections to make them aware you would like to proceed with the allergy injections. Serum will not be prepared until the patient or the patients’ parent/legal guardian gives verbal authorization.

If your insurance company requires a referral for allergy services, you are required to obtain a referral from your Primary Care Physician before your serum can be mixed or you can start your allergy injections. To ensure that a proper referral is on hand, we encourage you to call ahead to make sure that we have received the referral.

The referral should say “Allergist – 99 visits good for one year.” It must have a start date and an expiration date.

*Your allergy serum may be covered under your pharmacy plan. If so, you will be responsible for payment for the allergy serum before the start of injections.