Tips for Managing Tinnitus

  1. Avoid silence—use environmental sounds such as relaxing music, sound machines, or other soothing sounds to reduce the contrast between silence an your tinnitus
  2. Reduce stress— Engage in activities that can reduce anxiety/stress such as exercise, yoga, etc.
  3. Get plenty of sleep—Your body needs adequate rest. Use soothing environmental sounds at your bedside if needed to help you fall and stay asleep. Avoid napping if you have trouble sleeping through the night.
  4. Protect your ears—Use hearing protection when around loud sounds to prevent further damage in the audiotory system.
  5. Don’t panic—there are effective treatment options for decreasing your perception of your tinnitus.
  6. Pursue education about tinnitus—Knowledge can ease anxiety. Schedule an initial consultation to increase your understanding of tinnitus.